Michael Fassbender sings classic Irish folk tune

Michael Fassbender sings Star of County Down

A sneak preview into Michael Fassbender’s new film reveals the Kerryman has another talent hidden in his locker – singing old Irish folk tunes.

Fassbender sings a short rendition of Star of County Down in his latest movie, The Light Between Oceans.

Michael Fassbender sings Star of County Down

His character sings the song to his on-screen partner Alicia Vikander during the film, which sees the couple struggle with their consciences about raising a baby girl as their own.

The two stars share an incredible chemistry, so much so in fact that have been dating since they met on set.

It is not the first time we have seen Fassbender show off his singing abilities. Last month he got up on stage at an event in his native Killarney to perform the classic Elvis Presley song Suspicious Minds.

The Hollywood star appears to going from strength to strength as he also has another film set for release, Assassin’s Creed, in which he plays a distant descendent of a Spanish warrior. The film is loosely based on the video game series, and sees Fassbender develop some of the skills of his ancestors in order to take down the corrupt authorities.

So he can act, he can sing, he can kick ass, and he’s an all-round likeable guy… the world is at Fassbender’s feet.

Take a look at the short preview to The Light Between Oceans, which includes Fassbender’s rendition of Star of County Down.