Weather reporter becomes online star after dramatic broadcast

Teresa Mannion dramatic broadcast

An Irish news reporter has become an online star after her over the top weather warning proved to be social media gold with several imitations, memes and even a dance track created.
Teresa Mannion was broadcasting from Galway in the midst of Storm Desmond. She was visibly struggling with the wind and rain and shouted down the camera a stern message to the nation: “Don’t take unnecessary journeys, don’t take risks on treacherous roads!”Teresa Mannion dramatic broadcast
The warnings were perfectly valid as Storm Desmond has caused terrible damage in Ireland and made driving far more dangerous. Mannion seemed genuinely concerned and just wanted to make sure the people of Ireland were safe.
However, her desperate delivery of the news tickled more than a few people.
Almost instantly #TeresaMannion became the most used hashtag on Twitter in Ireland.
Shortly after followed the inevitable imitation videos and photoshopped images of Mannion in various desperate situations including in front of the Tyrannosaurus Rex after it escapes from its pen in the iconic scene from Jurassic Park.
The video clip became so popular it made the news in countries all around the world.
Mannion has been more than happy to laugh at herself in the aftermath of the event. She said: “I think what you’re trying to say is I was bellowing, and you’re absolutely right!”
“I had no idea that I was roaring as loudly as I was until id finished that report and the editor said ‘wow you can actually tone it down a bit for the next bulletin’.”
Here is the full version of the Teresa Mannion remix.