‘Sorry Me Hole’ – angry rural Irishman in no mood for fly-tipper’s apology

Sorry Me Hole

An Irishman pulled over to give a fly-tipper a piece of his mind when he tried to dump a mattress by the side of a country road.

The unnamed man quickly got the message that this is not something to be tolerated in rural Ireland.

People dumping rubbish illegally in the countryside has become an increasing problem in recent years, all the more frustrating as there is no shortage of official tips that can be used without having to spoil natural beauty spots.

Maybe that it was what frustrated a passing motorist so much when he saw someone dumpting rubbish just off the road. As the angry driver shouted at the culprit, the fly-tipper was seen retrieving the mattress from the ditch and packing it back into his car.

The driver recorded the incident and the video has quickly gone viral – and taught many people around the world a new Irish phrase in the process.

The video featured the driver using obscenities as he shouted at the man but the swearing was bleeped out.

There were plenty of Fs and Cs as he asked: “Where do you normally put your rubbish you bollix? Where do you live?”

However, as the man apologised to the driver, he was met the response ‘sorry me hole’.

The video prompted a lot of praise for the driver.

The Irish Farmers’ Association tweeted: “This is just brilliant! No amount of creative brainstorming could come up with a better slogan to sum up the annoyance and disgust when you discover fly-tipping in the countryside.”

Dr. Wide added: “Fancy car and all. Whatever notions we have of type of person that dumps a mattress in a place like that, it’s sobering that even those that can clearly afford to pay for proper disposal are not always willing to.

“Even though they’ve probably spent a grand on the replacement.”

Many people were delighted with the man’s use of the phrase ‘Sorry me hole’.

Take a look at the video below.



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