Has this man discovered how Stonehenge was built?

Is this how ancient Celts built Stonehenge and Irish standing stones. Drombeg Stone Circle in Cork Kerry photo Becky Hauf

A retired engineer has developed an incredible technique to move huge rocks without the use of any heavy machinery.

Wally Wallington is capable of moving and lifting huge pieces of stone weighing more than a tonne, using nothing but his own hands and a few clever tricks.

Is this how ancient Celts built Stonehenge and Irish standing stones. Drombeg-Stone-Circle-in-Cork-Kerry phot Becky Hauf

He believes these same technique must have been used by the people who built ancient monuments such as Stonehenge in England and the pyramids of Egypt. Both were built in the era around 3000BC and 2000BC.

There are also several ancient monuments across Ireland, dating back as far as 4000BC. Dolmens, or burial tombs, are dotted across the west coast of the country, with huge stones placed on top of one another marking the sites.

Newgrange in Co Meath is thought to be one of the oldest burial tomb sites in Ireland and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

It has long been a mystery to modern-day scientists and architects as to how these ancient people managed to successfully build such structures. How could they move such heavy rocks without the necessary technology and machinery?

Wallington, from Michigan, thinks he has found the technique they used. He is in the process of building a replica of Stonehenge in his back garden, and below is a YouTube video of his erecting the first stone.

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