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Annual redhead convention heading to Cork

Crosshaven, Co Cork is bracing itself for the annual redhead convention that is set to take place from 19-21 August.
When the convention began in 2010, it was intended as a tongue in cheek convention to raise a bit of a laugh. However, due to the success of the event and subsequent annual conventions, the organisers decided to put the interest to positive use and raise money for charity.Annual redhead convention in Co Cork
The Redhead Convention was started by brother and sister Joleen and Denis Cronin. Over the last four years it has become an international event. They have raised over €15,000 for Cancer charities in Ireland.
They have awards for the ‘redhead with the most freckles’, the ‘best wannabe redhead’ and many more. There are also events such as carrot tossing, a pub crawl and a cook off.
We will also see the coronation of the new King and Queen of Redheads, a highly coveted year-long reign.

For the first time ever, the Convention will host the MOGO (Music of Ginger Origin) Awards. Public votes already count towards crowning winners as Best Irish Ginger Musician, Services to MOGO and Best Ginger Newcomer.

Festival organisers also hope to set a world record for the largest redheaded ceili dance, encouraging attendees to get jiggy to music from traditional band Ginger Nutz, who are all natural redheads, of course.

Irish Redhead Convention founder and organiser, Joleen Cronin, said: “I’m really excited about this unique Irish gathering of redheads from across the globe. It is a coming together of friends new and old. I love that we all share common experiences as redheads and there is an understanding and camaraderie as we all stand together.”
Check out the video below. For more details visit the Redhead Convention website

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