Humbling video as Zambian girl drinks clean water for the first time

Below is an emotional video of a young girl in Zambia drinking clean water for the first time. Previously, Violet had made a two mile journey three times a day to get water when she should have been in school.

Thanks to the World Vision Zambia project, Violet now has access to clean drinking water
The water she collected was dirty and unsafe to drink. It caused her and her family to suffer with disease and diarrhoea but they had no choice but to drink it.
Now, thanks to the work of World Vision, Violet and her family have access to clean drinking water. She can now attend school every day and grow up to fulfil her potential.
World Vision has released the humbling video to show just what great work is being done to combat the water crisis in Africa. Dirty water is the cause of more child deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. World Vision have made it their mission to eliminate this problem as soon as possible.
Ireland has a proud history of generosity in regards to providing aid and funds for those in need. Last week the government released figures on how much was donated in aid and to what projects in 2013. Minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello telling the public they “can be proud of what their overseas development aid programme has achieved”. The Irish public were also named as the most generous people in Europe in a survey of 2013.
World Vision is a charitable organisation that relies on private donations. To visit the Irish branch of the charity then please visit
The fight to end poverty and provide clean water to millions of people goes on, and every donation is important. Watch the World Vision video about Violet’s story below.

Irish are ‘most generous people in Europe’