How to make Potato Cheese Dinner Rolls

Bread rolls are the perfect addition to most dinners across all cuisines to complement the food on the table and add a bit of bulk to the meal.

TV chef Donal Skehan has created a fantastic video to demonstrate how to make some delicious Irish dinner rolls to accompany your meal, made out of potato bread and cheese.

Potato Cheese Rolls recipe
The mixing of potatos and bread sounds unusual, but as Donal explains, it creates a wonderfully moist bread roll.

Of course, it is completed by sprinkling delicious mature cheddar over the top to get that crispy texture.

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Donal is a hugely popular TV chef, both in Ireland and also the UK and America. He has a huge online presence, with millions of views of his collection of recipe videos.

Watch Donal make these fantastic Potato and Cheese Dinner Rolls, and perhaps try and add them to your menu soon.

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How to make Potato Cheese Dinner Rolls