Former cast of Lord of the Dance perform at wedding reception

Great video - Former cast of Lord of the dance perform at wedding reception

Guests at a wedding in America had a reception they will never forget as they were treated to a surprise performance by some professional Irish dancers.

Not just any Irish dancers – the former cast of Lord of the Dance.

The groom – Thomas Martin – and several of his groomsmen were dancers in the legendary Irish dance show.

Great video - Former cast of Lord of the dance perform at wedding reception

At the wedding reception they treated Thomas’ wife Anne Hatfield and all of the guests to a special performance.

Thomas and his friends – best man Seanie McNicholas, Michael Piotrowski, Gary Collins and Bill O’Hara – showed everyone that they have still got it as they took to the dance floor to perform their slick and professional Irish dance routine.

The five men delighted guests at the reception – which took place in Joliet, Illinois in April 2016.

The guests whooped and cheered as the dancers performed a brilliantly choreographed routine.

Irish dance has certainly been good to Thomas. Not only did his talent earn him a fine career on stage, he also met his musician wife Anne, who played the fiddle in the Lord of the Dance show.

Take a look at the video below.

Lord of the Dance was made famous by the legend of Irish dancing Michael Flatley. It was Flatley’s second world famous show and followed on from the runaway success of Riverdance.

Flatley, from Chicago, Illinois, choreographed, produced and starred in the original show in 1996 and the music was provided by Irish composer Ronan Hardiman.
The show was a huge success and sold out numerous world tours all the way up until Flatley’s retirement in 2016.

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