Irish woman becomes online star after re-creating Joker dance

Irish woman becomes online star after re-creating Joker dance

An Irishwoman living in New York became an overnight sensation after she recreated the dance scene on the Bronx steps from the new Joker movie.

Joaquin Phoenix’s dance down the steps of New York’s 167th Street station is one of the iconic scenes in the Joker, which was released in 2019.

Irish woman becomes online star after re-creating Joker dance

Cork woman Laura Dorgan was in the area and decided to re-create the scene. She was filmed by her husband Michael and posted the video on Instagram.

The video spread like wildfire and has been featured in broadcasts from all around the world.

Laura, who works as a personal trainer in New York, spoke to the Echo about her unexpected overnight fame.

She said: “My phone has been going non-stop.

“I’ve been featured in newspapers in Moscow, Singapore, the UK and asked to be featured in an ad campaign in Tokyo – it’s absolute madness!

“Michael and I were walking around the city and we wanted to check out the steps from Joker.

“I had the Fila’s on and Michael convinced me to take a picture – doing the iconic pose from the film.”

Well done to Laura. She is certainly a great mover and really captured the style of the Joker in her dance.

Many commentators have joked she should be looking to do a deal with Fila, after referencing its footwear in her post, which has now spread the world.

Take a look for yourself below.

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And sure of course I had to do the dance…… @filausa

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