US comedian says ‘intimidating’ Irish dancers are like spies

US comedian says ‘intimidating’ Irish dancers are like spies

Online comedian and fan of all things Irish Josh Pray has created a new video paying tribute to the skills and athleticism of Irish dancers.

The energetic star was full of praise for the dancers of Ireland, comparing them to spies because of their ability to remain straight faced and unflinching up top while their lower body is moving at ‘800 miles an hour’.

US comedian says ‘intimidating’ Irish dancers are like spies

The video is called “Irish Folk Dancing is for the Elite” and in it Pray talks about the pre-conceptions he had of Irish dancing, saying he expected it to be ‘funny’ and ‘kind of goofy’.

However, after doing a little research and viewing a few videos Pray had changed his mind.

He sets off on one of his signature rants about the physical prowess of Irish dancers, saying he is intimidated by the women, and afraid of the men.

Pray suggests it would be terrifying to get into an argument with an Irish woman because of their ability to remain dead-pan and focused in their faces, whilst the lower half of their bodies are moving so energetically.

He is also wary of Irishmen, because he fears any man that has the rhythm, athleticism and power demonstrated by Irish dancers would be surely capable of luring his woman away from him.

As always, Pray with spoke with great respect and admiration for Ireland and its people.

He even suggested that the physical endurance needed by Irish dancers meant they could be successful Tour de France cyclists, or hold their breath underwater for ‘days at a time’.

Take a look at the video below, and click on the links to see more from Josh Pray about Ireland.

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