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American explodes five lies about Ireland after visiting Dublin

We know most Americans like Ireland, but comedian Josh Pray absolutely loves it and can’t speak highly enough about both the country and the people.

Well, we’re not used to such high praise so we’ll let Josh go ahead and tell you what he thinks of us as he takes a humorous approach to exploding what he considers to the 5 most common lies about Ireland.

American explodes five lies about Ireland after visiting Dublin

All the men are short with red hair and they’re real frail.

Josh says: “Hopping off the plane in Dublin I expected to see no man of my stature. I thought I was going to tower over everybody. I met men 6 foot five and 270 pounds that looked like they could eat buildings and cars. I saw men with black hair and green eyes. Fellas, you do not want these Irish guys coming over to the State because everyone of them could give Thor a run for his money. All these fairy tales about men being short and leprechauns…no…you’re going to be shocked and you’re gonna get your woman took.

All Irish people do is drink.

All Irish people do is work extremely hard. Irish people have got to be some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. I spoke to a nine-year-old girl. All she wanted to do was work real hard and grow up successful…and play camogie. All I know is the stereotype that all Irish people want to do is throw a few back and fight in bars could not be more wrong. If it came between having a job and having a drink…no drink would ever be had.

Ireland is such an old-fashioned country.

Phew. When I touched down in Dublin I took a photo with some people…they had a camera that was made with space technology…do you know the tech companies that are in Ireland, do you know the advancements they are making in Ireland…I mean cab cars have taxi fares in the mirror, in the window…bars have ipads when you walk in…you can point out the bill you want and the machine makes it right in front of you. This is the real Atlantis.

All the Irish care about is St Patrick’s Day.

No, everything is cared about the exact same way. They care about how their grounds look, they care about how their buildings look, they care about this holiday and that holiday. If you celebrate something, they care about you celebrating it and they want you to be comfortable with it. Of course, St Paddy’s Day is a huge day but the country of Ireland is so much more than St Patrick’s Day. If you care about something, people will stop in their tracks, look you in the eye and understand everything you are saying. It’s like the care bears came from Ireland. They care about every single thing that’s going on.

Ireland can’t be that beautiful.

When you’re coming into Ireland on a plane, the open scenery, the way the country opens up to you, it will take your breath and soul away. All the best places in the world want to look like Ireland. Ireland is a sight for any sore eyes. If you have anxiety, get on a plane to Ireland. Stay there for a week and you will come back a new human.

Watch Josh explain it all for himself.

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