Josh Pray reveals the five things he learned about Ireland

Josh Pray reveals the five things he learned about Ireland

US comedian Josh Pray caused a stir recently on his visit to Ireland when he smashed many of the stereotypes held about the Irish, and found they were nothing like the modern-day reality.

He has also posted a video in which he describes the five things he learnt about Ireland during his stay. The first lesson Pray learned was the kind nature of the Irish people.

Josh Pray reveals the five things he learned about Ireland

Launching into one of his trademark rants, he said: “If you are suffering from a lack of somebody caring about you, get on a plane right now and come to Dublin.

“I have never been loved and cared about like this in my entire life. The way people love and like you here rivals the way my Momma cared about me.

“People here are so kind. I got invited to 147 houses for dinner, brunch and them little muffins with the salami on top.

“I don’t wanna leave because they have huge hearts here!”

The second thing Pray learned about Ireland was something that is widely accepted around the world. However, Pray added his own personality to the explanation.

“Ireland is beautiful. I’ve never seen leaves this green, buildings this red and flowers this beautiful.

“The women are gorgeous, and they have no clue how beautiful they are, and they show way too much humility. If you want a sight for sore eyes, if you want permanent eye candy, get on plane and come to Ireland.

The third lesson on Pray’s list was the food of Ireland. He said: “Prepare to have the best food of your life.

“I’ve never eaten a piece of beef that you can cut with the back of a spoon.

“Irish people got this stuff called strawberry jam. You can put it on bread, you can put it on meat, you can put it on your body if you wanna have a baby tomorrow, their jam is so good!”

It was our passion for sport that came fourth on the list of things Pray learnt on his visit, and he told a comical story about some of the people he had met.

“Irish sport is not a game it’s a rite of passage. Now while in some countries most kids wanna grow up to be a doctor, I wanna be a lawyer, nah, over here the little boys wanna play hurling the little girls wanna play camogie, the little boys wanna play Gaelic football, the little girls wanna play Gaelic football.

“I met a little nine-year-old Irish girl named Ava, freckles, red hair, she was the toughest little cookie I have ever seen. Now if I had to get into a bar fight at any point with anybody, I’m going to Ava’s house cos I know she gonna have my back.

“The people in Ireland are so passionate about their sport and you got to play, if you don’t play then you probably can’t get married.”

The fifth and final lesson Pray revealed was the passion and pride Irish people take from their hometowns.

“Although respectful the people in Ireland are dead set about where they from. I never thought outside America people could act like us.”

Pray then told a comical story about the sporting and territorial rivalry in the final of the Gaelic football he attended.

He concluded the video with a final piece of praise for the country, comparing it to one of America’s most beautiful places.

“Ireland is the field of dreams. When the Lord made the earth he put his hand on Hawaii, I’m gonna keep the party jumping on the west coast, and he put other his hand on Ireland, I’m gonna keep the party jumping in the east.”

Take a look at the video for yourself. There are plenty more jokes and stories to see.

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