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Irish woman surprised by family at Dublin Airport… and she has a surprise of her own

Airports in Ireland are emotional places at this time of the year with thousands of emigrants returning home to spend the festive season with their loved ones.

Carmel O’Connor was one of the Irish people flying in this week, and she was given an extra-special welcome at Dublin Airport.

Irish woman surprised by family at Dublin Airport... and she has a surprise of her own

She was greeted by not only her family but also her brother’s band Draíocht who gave her a musical welcome right in the middle of the airport.
However, Carmel also had her own surprise for her family too.

Carmel has spent the last four years living in Australia, and although she has been back to Ireland since, this is to be her first Christmas back home.

The Irish Independent was there to film the emotional reunion and spoke to Carmel’s excited family before she arrived.

Donie O’Connor, Carmel’s Dad, explained: “It all started back I suppose when Carmel decided to come back for Christmas and it’s fantastic to bring her home and that’s when we came up with the idea of not just having ourselves to welcome her but having the group as well, Draíocht.”

Once her plane landed, Carmel shared hugs and kisses with her Mammy, Daddy, two sisters and her brother, before being led to the middle of the arrivals lounge, where Draíocht began playing for her. Her sister then gives her a hug and says “welcome home” to which a stunned Carmel replies: “I couldn’t imagine anything better!”

The story doesn’t end there though, as once the band have finished playing and the family have settled down, Carmel gathers them all around for a surprise of her own.

Watch the emotional video below.

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  1. I can hear the Irish in you with the way you write

  2. Mother is a Kennedy !! 2 generation in America.

  3. Kristi DeNeen Casteel

    I love all things Irish, the Irish people and the music truly has inspired me since I was little! Can you imagine I was born with it in my blood! My grandfather who I never was to meet, he died when my mother was 4, was named Clarence Brosious DeNeen. I know nothing of him or the family other than the names and they originated from County Cork. My wish was to come there one day, but I guess it is not to be. But how I enjoy watching these videos and pictures of Ireland! I am so glad I found this website!

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