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What Ireland and the world searched on Google in 2014

Google has released its lists of the most searched terms in Ireland in 2014, and what the rest of the world were searching for too.

What Ireland and the world searched on Google in 2014
It seems that the Irish were most keen to learn about the World Cup, Kim Kardashian, Frozen, and shifting – an Irish term for kissing or even more.

Sports dominated the major events that were searched for in Ireland with the World Cup, Champions League, Ryder Cup and Heineken Cup all featuring in the top five. Music festival Electric Picnic was the other most searched event.

Celebrities also featured high on Irish searches. American socialite Kim Kardashian just beat the Duchess of Cambridge to the top spot. Garth Brooks came third after the summer saga over tickets for his concerts in Ireland. Peaches Geldof, who passed away in April, was also amongst the most searched celebrities.

Unsurprisingly, Disney’s Frozen was the most searched film in a year that was dominated by amateur lip-dub and home renditions of its famous songs. Peppa Pig was the most searched television show.

Creative types in Ireland were searching on how to draw and knit, while others were more interested in learning how to kiss and how to shift.

Major news stories that Ireland wanted to know more about included the Ebola outbreak in Africa, the death of Robin Williams, Michael Schumacher’s condition following his skiing accident and the Oscar Pistorius trial.

As well as the Irish searches, Google has produced an inspiring video summary of the searches it carried out for the world throughout 2014. Watch it below.

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