Irish now celebrate Christmas up to six times as family dynamics change

Irish families will attend up to six different Christmas celebrations this year, as they make trips to across the country to visit their various family members.
Irish can celebrate Christmas up to six times as family dynamics change
Gone are the days of one big happy family sitting down at the same table to celebrate Christmas together.
The evolving family dynamic in Ireland, and the rest of the world, mean that it is no longer practicable, or even desirable, to have the whole family together on Christmas Day.
Irish families can now expect to celebrate Christmas up to six times, with the festive schedule now including potential trips to both sets of in-laws, extended families, stepfamilies, separated and divorced families, and many more. Normally capped by a more personal, intimate celebration with just the immediate family or members of the household.
The findings were made by Censuswide, who surveyed 1,000 Irish adults to see how the Christmas season has changed over time. One in three people admitted that they found it hard to turn down Christmas invitations from their family, leading to the multiple celebrations.
Other interesting facts about the Irish Christmas were that more than half of men believe the most important present they buy is the one they get for their partner, while women think it’s their gift to their mother that is the key one.
However, your average Irish woman will spend more than seven hours looking for a present for their partner, whereas the men spend only five hours.
Gadgets are unsurprisingly popular, with three out of ten presents being technology based.
Overall, an Irish adult can expect to spend €623.26 on 32 presents for their family, friends, colleagues and pets this Christmas, and it will take them more than two whole days (49 hours, 26 minutes) to complete Christmas shopping.