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Irish Mammy confused by daughter’s riddle

An Irish Mammy was left stumped after her daughter asked her to solve a riddle and the video is proving to be a hit on YouTube.

Lisa Buckley interrupted her Mammy while she was busy sewing to ask her the riddle. The poor woman couldn’t understand much to the amusement of her daughter.

Irish Mammy can't get her head around daughter's riddle

The video was posted on to YouTube a couple of days ago and has already been viewed thousands of times.

The description reads: “Glasses hanging on her nose, sewing machine & talking about fields, cows and chickens – typical Irish mammy at her best 😂”

At first Lisa’s Mammy is not too interested in the riddle, and continues with her sewing, but as the video goes on, she becomes more frustrated and gives it her full attention.

The riddle is based on a clever play on words, which seems simple once you know the answer.

However, Lisa’s Mammy couldn’t get her head around it and repeatedly gets her daughter to repeat the riddle so that she can try and understand.
She even repeats it back to her, but still can’t find the answer.

As the confusion goes on, Lisa can be heard giggling away as she watches her Mammy struggle. She even has thinks she has solved the puzzle a couple of times, only to be told she is wrong.

Eventually, Lisa gives in and tells her Mammy the answer.

Take a look at the video below, and see if you can get the answer before Lisa has to reveal it.

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  1. 20 “ate” chickens, so 10 didn’t.

  2. marie kloosterman

    I have no idea what she is talking about

  3. Hilarious! I didn’t get it either!

  4. I thought it was twenty ain’t chickens, i.e. they ran, tin, lol

  5. This was fun!!

  6. This ‘old’ senior citizen doesn’t get ‘it’ either. I’ve tried listening to it three times and have had no success at all understanding this ‘riddle’. I think the joke is seeing how many times we listen to this non-riddle thing.

  7. Cows are herbivores so none would eat chickens kids today are stupid ones

  8. I’m with mammy I haven’t a clue what the young one is talking about!!!

  9. Cows don’t eat chickens. It would be better joke if it went something like this:
    There were 30 cows in the field, twenty ate bales of hay. How many didn’t?
    You still get the play on words. And it makes actual sense.
    shaking head, muttering “cows don’t eat chickens!”

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