Drunken husband…why his angry wife loves him more than ever

Drunken husband makes wife love him more

Drunken husbands who come come home from the pub singing and shouting late at night usually get little sympathy from their wives…but there can be exceptions, as this unlikely story shows.Drunken husband makes wife love him more

Thomas returned home blind drunk after a night out with his friends. He fell into the front door making a complete racket and his wife had to drag him upstairs, berating and scolding him and telling him she’d make him sorry the next day when he sobered up.

Those were the last words he heard before he passed out and they were first he remembered when he awoke the next morning. Suddenly, the bravado of the night before disappeared and he prepared to be in the doghouse for the rest of the day. Then he heard his wife walking upstairs and his heart sank as he prepared himself for a volley of abuse and sarcasm.

But then to his amazement, as his wife entered the bedroom, he saw that she was carrying his favourite breakfast on a silver tray. Instead of scolding she smiled lovingly. “Are you feeling all right my darling,” she asked with genuine concern.

“I know what you’re like when you get with your friends. I think you had a few too many but not to worry. You work hard and you deserve to let your hair down now and then. I don’t mind clearing up after you.”

“So, can I get you anything? Some headache pills maybe… would you like to sleep a little longer…anything you want. Anyway, you just rest while I pop to the shops to get something nice for your dinner.”

Thomas couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This isn’t how drunken husband stories usually go. He was confused and unsure how to react so he just smiled as she kissed him before leaving.

When he went downstairs, he asked his teenage son what had made his wife so happy and understanding.

“Well,” said the son. “When you got into the bedroom you collapsed on the floor. Mammy had to undress you but as she took off your pants you said: “Get your hands of me madam. I’m a married man.”

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