Little girl tries to persuade Mammy she should be allowed to go to the pub

Little girl tries to persuade Mammy she should be allowed to go to the pub

A six-year-old Irish girl has become a festive star online after her mother posted a video of her pleading to be allowed to go to the pub for the Christmas party.

Little Katie was facing an uphill task as she tried to persuade her parents that she was old enough to visit the local for “just one night”.

Little girl tries to persuade Mammy she should be allowed to go to the pub

The charmer is recorded as she eloquently puts her points across as to why she should be allowed to visit the pub and spend time with her auntie.

She is very persuasive and points out that she is “six and a half”, and that this is her “only night off”.

She is even happy to sacrifice other social events in her calendar and promises her mammy that if she is allowed to the pub then she “won’t go to the bingo tomorrow”.

Katie’s mammy asks her what her daddy had said, but she had already tried in vain to wrap him around her little finger.

She explains that her daddy started “giving out” to her and ignoring her.

Katie then goes on to spill the beans on daddy’s behaviour when mammy is not around.

She explains: “All the time when you’re gone, he thinks he gets his own way and everything. He thinks that he can go on his phone and he doesn’t have to spend time with me. He pretends he’s cleaning when you’re gone. And I go into the kitchen cos I’m hungry, and he’s on his phone and says ‘I’m cleaning’ and I say ‘No you’re not, you’re on your phone!’”

Katie then appeals to the viewers of her video, saying: “Seriously, guys will you believe me. I am six and my own mother won’t let me go to the pub!”

The video is totally charming and young Katie does not shout or scream when she is told no by her mammy, but instead puts across her point across in a very reasonable and considered way.

How can you say no to her Mammy?

Take a look for yourself.

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