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Irish piano star bumps into a singing goddess…cue songs from the Sound of Music

Irish piano maestro Brendan Kavanagh is becoming a YouTube star thanks to his dazzling performances with people he’s never met or played with before.

Brendan often surprises other musicians by joining in with as they play public pianos at railway stations in London. We recently featured him put on an amazing spontaneous performance with 81-year-old Irishman Patrick Hynes from Galway.

However, his latest random performance saw him set aside his virtuoso skills as he took a back seat by simply providing accompaniment to a 16-year-old who joined him for a few moments to sing songs from the hit Broadway show, the Sound of Music.

Brendan Kavanagh

The girl was passing by with a friend when she stopped to listen to Brendan. Well, he never passes up a chance like that so within seconds he had her singing along for a bit of fun but was then delighted to find she had an amazing voice.

Not only that but her ability to improvise as she sang seemed to be more than a match for Brendan as she covered songs like Edelweiss and Feed the Birds while reading the lyrics from her phone.

After the performance, Brendan has a chat with her and discovers that that her name is Alicia and she’s a student enrolled at the Royal Academy of Music who just happened to be passing by on her way to the tube. Brendan told her: “What a tremendous voice for a 16-year-old. I’ve never heard such a tremendous voice.”

More than half a million viewers also love the performance and left comments like these:

I love how confident she looks and she is definitely enjoying herself too – she’ll go places

She is so casual about the whole thing, it looks like she is just checking her e-mails. Amazing!

She’s so young, but an old soul emerges when she sings. Not only is her talent amazing, but her casualness in performing spontaneously in front of a crowd. Star material!

Her singing voice sounds quite mature for being only 16! Well done!

not only a talented singer but drop dead gorgeous, too. broadway is waiting for her.

How ridiculous – I cry with pleasure when I watch/listen to this vid.

But why not judge for yourself.

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