Two Irishmen meet by chance and play most amazing piano duet you’ve ever heard

Two Irishmen meet by chance and play most amazing piano duet you’ve ever heard

Two Irishmen who’d never rehearsed together and never met before teamed up at a train station to play the most dazzling piano duet you’re ever likely to hear.

It’s a rare gift to be able to play any tune by ear no matter how complicated, but it’s a talent these two have in spades.

Two Irishmen meet by chance and play most amazing piano duet you’ve ever heard

Patrick Hynes, who’s 81 and from Galway, was playing the old Irish song When You and I Were Young, Maggie, on the platform of St Pancras Station in London when Brendan Kavanagh decided to join in on the same piano.

This led to a six-minute duet of spontaneous music including classical tunes, ragtime with The Entertainer, Irish dance tunes and a blues version of Danny Boy.

The duet finishes with Way Down in the County Kerry in honour to Brendan’s home county.

This is video of the duet.

Brendan, who teaches piano, later wrote on his YouTube channel: “Great spontaneous duet with an Irish senior citizen from Galway, but he rushed off at the end before I had a chance to ask his name and have a chat.

Thankfully, Brendan later tracked him down and wrote: “We now know the senior citizen is the amazing 81-year-old Patrick Hynes who emigrated to London from Ireland in 1958.”

Patrick Hynes later visited YouTube himself, and posted the following message.: “Hello everybody somebody asked if I knew mr cavanagh but never heard of him nor u tube until now. Also never had a music lesson just self taught but I practice a lot and prefer classical piano which I try to play. I come from a town called porrumna in Ireland but came to London in 1958 and love it here. Have a nice day.”

The music they play Is: 0:01 When You and I Were Young Maggie, 1:04 Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March), 1:47 Scott Joplin The Entertainer, 2:59 Irish Washerwoman Jig, 4:21 Moonlight Sonata, 4:40 Danny Boy, 5:55 Way Down in County Kerry (Golden Jubilee)

You can see more on Brendan’s videos on his YouTube channel.

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