Piano-playing Irish pensioner is becoming a YouTube star

Piano-playing Irish pensioner is becoming a YouTube star

The Irish pensioner that guest starred in the latest Brendan Kavanagh piano video has created a YouTube channel of his own.

Patrick Hynes was playing a public piano at St Pancras Station when Kavanagh arrived and joined him to create a wonderful jam session and hit video.

Piano-playing Irish pensioner is becoming a YouTube star

Kavanagh is an established YouTube star, with his channel attracting millions of piano fans and enthusiasts.

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The Kerry born pianist regularly records his encounters with the public as he plays, teaches and generally wows them with his piano playing abilities.

However, after the jam session Mr Hynes swiftly exited the scene before the Kavanagh had the chance to have a chat with him.

Thankfully, Kavanagh was able to track down Hynes and persuaded him to meet again to create another piano medley video.

The pensioner has now set up a YouTube channel of his own, following the success of the London underground video.

Hynes had previously introduced himself with by posting a comment on Kavanagh’s page. He wrote: “I am 81 years of age and can read music or play by ear, very humbled at all the flattering comments, more info to follow thanks.”

Now he has recorded and uploaded several videos of his own, with him sat at home playing various pieces of music.

Take a look at some of his videos below.

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