Dr K bumps into one of the world’s leading piano players and enters boogie woogie heaven

Dr K bumps into Ladyva and enters boogie woogie heaven

Brendan Kavanagh is one of the leading piano players of the online world and his incredible skills on the ivories has helped him a amass a YouTube following of more than 1.5 million people.

His videos see him playing the public pianos in the busy train stations of London and wowing the commuters and passers-by with his music.

Each one is a great watch and the jaw-dropping moments when Kavanagh’s unsuspecting listeners realise what incredible skills he possesses.

His latest video is particularly unique as his co-star at the piano is not a hopeful student or amateur enthusiast.

Amazingly, Dr K ran into one of the world’s other most talented pianists, Ladyva from Switzerland.

She is a world renowned player and has performed in concerts and recitals all over the world.

Ladyva has even performed alongside British legend Jools Holland in his London restaurants.

The chance meeting between the two gifted players made for a real treat for viewers.

Kavanagh began by admiring Ladyva’s playing, before she invited him to sit alongside her on the piano stool and join in the fun.

Four hands were definitely better than two as the pair telepathically played in unison and harmony to create a wonderful sound.

Kavanagh was full of thanks and praise for Ladyva and grateful to have had such a unique opportunity to play with one of the world’s leading stars.

Unfortunately, Ladyva had to leave to continue her journey home to Switzerland, but not before Dr K had planted a big kiss on her cheek to remember the occasion.

Take a look for yourself below.

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