Shopkeeping dog has become a local celebrity and an internet superstar

Shopkeeping dog has become a local celebrity and an internet superstar

Now here is something you don’t expect to see when you nip into the local shop for a pint of milk.

To be served at the counter by a dog!

That is exactly what happens at the local convenience store in Meath, where customers are greeted and served by the resident golden Labrador.

The dog is named Belle and her owner is shopkeeper Ailis. She says that Belle is actually the third generation of dog that has helped to run the store.

Ailis explained that she first got a German Shepherd to protect the shop 30 years ago.

However, the clever canine quickly learnt how to take money from the customers in exchange for their goods.

Another helpful hound followed in the form of another German Shepherd before the reins were handed over to the current resident dog Belle.

Ailis joked that Belle is paid for her work in biscuits and walks on the beach.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, she said: “They all taught themselves to take the money.

“The customers gave them the money and I’d sell the dogs biscuits in return, and that’s what kept them happy.

“People come in to visit the dog and ask when she’s on duty.

“She’s very happy with her working conditions. She gets her food and her walks on the beach, as well as her visits to the vet.”

It is not just in Co Meath that Belle has been attracting attention.

One of the local customers created a video of Belle carrying out her shopkeeping duties and posted it ontp his TikTok account where it has already gathered up more than 30,000 likes.

You can take a look at Belle in action in the video below.

To think, most of us are happy if we get our dog to fetch a ball and bring it back. The bar has been raised…


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