Ed Sheeran claims he played matchmaker for Johnny and Courtney

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Superstar singer Ed Sheeran has revealed that he had a part to play in the romance between Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid and legendary Friends actress Courtney Cox.

The Thinking Out Loud singer is a long-time friend of both, and claims it was him who first introduced the couple to one another.

Sheeran was speaking to former X Factor contestant Fleur East, who now presents the Hits Breakfast Radio show.

He explained: “I introduced her to my best mate Johnny, who I wrote Shape of You and Bad Habits with.

“He’s also godfather to Lyra, but yeah I introduced them like nine years ago. She just invited me round her house and I just kept going round and then one day I brought Johnny and he didn’t come home.”

McDaid is the lead singer of indie band Snow Patrol. He began dating US actress Cox after they were introduced by Sheeran, and the couple have had an on-off relationship since.

They remain on good terms and recently posted a video message together, thanking the key workers of Derry, McDaid’s hometown, for their work during the pandemic.

Sheeran also spoke to East about the responsibilities of becoming a father, after he and his childhood sweetheart Cherry recently had their first child.

The A Team singer said: “It’s just new responsibilities isn’t it? It’s less selfish. You know… If I have like a night out with my mates now it’s like planned, and we do it like properly, rather than just having like random spur of the moment thing.

“But yeah she’s great, she’s ten months now, almost walking and it’s the best. It’s the best… It’s definitely a shift, you have to completely change your life but it is the best thing that I’ve ever done.”