Live like ancient Irish royalty in this restored castle – ideal holiday getaway

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle

They say every Irish person is descended from Irish kings…well, now you have a chance to live like one, if only for a week or two on holiday.

Ballytarsna-Hackett Castle is a 15th century tower house that will give you a taste of luxury living, medieval style. It’s available on Airbnb for holidays and short breaks and its owners are proud of the restoration job they’ve done to make it comfortable by modern standards while keeping its traditional charm and character.

Here’s how they describe it: “It is like a keep, with one major difference. Where a keep is a powerful thick-walled tower, an Irish tower house is a home for the family, that also serves as a keep. When restoring this tower, we have maintained its status as a fortress. We have also made it warm and comfortable. It is a cozy country home ensconced between castellated battlements, authentic and usable! Warm and dry!”

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle

Are you tempted yet?

As befits its age and status, it has a long and sometimes troubled history, including conflicts with the noisy neighbours across the Irish Sea. “It was built in 1480 to provide the Hackett family with a safe and private accommodation. The Hacketts were ousted from the then Hackett Castle in 1655 by a Parliamentarian force, due to their support for the Catholic Confederation of Kilkenny. It fell into ruin soon after. Lovingly restored by us between 1999 and 2009, it is now available for you to enjoy.”

The top floor is now available for guests to stay on a bed and breakfast basis. There are two bedrooms, 5 beds, 1.5 bathrooms, which all adds up to enough room for eight guests.

The tower offers spectacular views of the Tipperary countryside, including the Rock of Cashel. “At the end of a small side chamber is the castle DUNGEON. This grim feature hopefully will not be needed. One occupant has carved the date 1536 into the wall.”

You will be perfectly safe as you enjoy breakfast in the dining areas as it is protected by nine-foot-thick defensive walls. You can also enjoy evening meals on request in the Great Hall of the castle, which is warmed by the large 15th century fireplace.

Ballytarsna-Hackett Castle is centrally located in County Tipperary. Situated in the countryside on 3 beautiful acres, we are only 10 minutes from the tourist town of Cashel and Thurles, which contain good pubs and restaurants.

You can find out more and get booking details here.

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Take a look at the pictures below.

Bird's eye view of Ballytarsna Hackett Castle

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle kitchen

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle dining room

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle inside window

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle stairs

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle bed

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle bedroom

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle bathroom

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle window

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle bookcase

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle ceiling

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle patio

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle gate

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle wall

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle door

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