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Hilarious song about booking ‘cheap flights’ online

Musical comedy trio Fascinating Aida have written and performed a song that highlights the frustration of booking airline travel in the 21st century.

In the past decade there has been a rise in the number of cheap flights being offered to travellers by budget airline companies.

Hilarious song about booking ‘cheap flights’ online by comedy trio Fascinating Aida

However, as many of us know, these cheap airline tickets usually contain a long line of hidden costs and extra charges that you are presented with once you get to the airport.

The comedy trio have written a musical piece about exactly that, and it is absolutely hilarious!

Lead singer Dillie Keane begins the song by explaining that she received an invitation to a wedding in Kerry so she went online to try and find some cheap flights.

She is thrilled to find some ‘cheap flights’ from Stanstead to Tralee for just 50p, only for the extra charges to be revealed as the comical song continues.

The frustration that many of us have felt in the past is brilliantly woven into the lyrics, with extra charges being discovered for simple things such as bringing a bag and using the toilet. The song ends with the travellers getting ready to get off the plane, only to be told that if: “You haven’t pre-paid to use the steps then you’ll have to feckin’ jump!”

The video has been viewed nearly five million times on YouTube and ends with a few snippets of some of the other songs Fascinating Aida have written – some are not for the faint hearted!

Fascinating Aida are led by Dillie Keane, who was born in England to Irish parents and was educated at Trinity College Dublin. She often travels back to Ireland and admits she loves performing in the homeland of her parents.

Have a look at the video of Cheap Flights below. Enjoy.

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