Granddaughter of Bobby Sands performs moving rendition of Grace

Granddaughter of Bobby Sands performs moving rendition of Grace

The granddaughter of Irish republican Bobby Sands has captured the imagination of thousands online with a stirring performance of the classic Irish song Grace.

Erin Sands sang the poignant song in front of a delighted audience in her local pub.

Granddaughter of Bobby Sands performs moving rendition of Grace

The room was captivated by Erin’s beautiful voice, and the magic of the performance has not been lost in the video.

Bobby Sands was an Irish republican who died after going on hunger strike while in prison in 1981.

He became a figurehead of the IRA prisoners during the Troubles, who demanded they should be classified as political prisoners and not as criminals.

More than 100,000 people lined streets to mourn his death on the day of his funeral.

The song Grace is also highly significant in Ireland’s history.

It was written about the tragic love story between Joseph Mary Plunkett and Grace Gifford.

Plunkett had been one of the leaders of the Easter Rising rebellion and was sentenced to death.

The two married just hours before he was executed.

With that weight of history, Erin must be commended for performing the song so beautifully.

The video has received hundreds of positive comments online and is continuing to spread across the internet.

Take a look for yourself.

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