‘Reverse Guinness’ stout is proving very popular in pubs

'Reverse Guinness' stout is proving very popular in pubs

Fans of Guinness may want to take a close look at this – the ‘Reverse Guinness Stout’ that is going down a treat over in the UK.

The upside-down drink was created by Liverpool-based brewery Team Toxic and it has proven to be very popular with British drinkers.

'Reverse Guinness' stout is proving very popular in pubs

Its actual name is Sinistral, but it has been dubbed as the ‘Reverse Guinness’ for obvious reasons with its creamy white body and black head.

Team Toxic co-founder Sue Hayward spoke about the innovation. She said: “The gimmick is the black head which ironically is what everyone talks about.

“It did a good job of grabbing attention but is in reality a gimmick. The white beer is the star and the thing that’s taken all the time to create.

“People are amazed it tastes so good, ‘caramac’ and ‘chocolate’ are words often used.”

It has certainly been an instant hit with pub-goers in the UK.

Sue explained that the stout has sold out of nearly all the pubs it has been stocked in so far.

Drinkers in one Norwich pub drank the supply dry in just 31 minutes, whilst a pub in Poole took a little more time to run out in just 61 minutes.

The drink has also captured the attention on social media with an Instagram post from Team Toxic gaining many positive comments from viewers who are also curious to taste it for themselves.

If the early success of Sinistral is an indicator for the future, then it may soon be served in pubs on this side of the Irish Sea and beyond.

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