Kid woos pretty girl with smooth baseball switch

A young baseball fan has become an overnight star as his smooth moves to impress a pretty girl were posted on YouTube.

Smooth kid baseball switch. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
The young man was in the crowd watching a Major League Baseball clash between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers when he was thrown the ball by a player to keep as a souvenir. He immediately turns around and hands it to the girl sitting behind him, who is visibly touched by his act of kindness.
However, a closer look at the video shows that the ball he handed to her was not the game ball at all but a different ball he was already holding in his other hand.
So he has suitably impressed an pretty older girl, and got to keep his souvenir, and he did it all without flinching.
This boy has moves that are the envy of men all around the world.
Watch the video below.