Irish public want British Royal at Easter Rising commemorations

A poll has shown that the Irish public would like to see a member of the British Royal family at the Easter Rising commemorations in 2016.

The Queen
The Queen

There are less than two years to go before the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising and the Irish Government has floated the idea of inviting a British Royal to mark the occasion.
The Easter Rising of 1916 set in motion a chain of events that would lead to Ireland’s independence from Britain.
A poll conducted by the Irish Times and Ipsos MRBI has revealed that 69% of Irish people questioned welcomed the idea of inviting a member of the British Royal family to the centenary commemorations. Just over a fifth opposed the plan while 10% didn’t give an opinion.
The poll also revealed how different demographics felt about the idea. People over 65 were more in favour than those aged 18-24.
Supporters of Labour and Fianna Fáil both voted 69% in favour and Fine Gael were the most in favour with 78% approving of the idea.
Even a majority of Sinn Féin supporters welcomed the idea with 55% saying they were in favour and 38% saying they were against.
Despite a very difficult past throughout the centuries, the two nations appear to be closer than ever. A few years ago the Queen made the first official visit by a reigning British monarch to the independent Republic of Ireland.
The visit was a great success and earlier this year she returned the favour by hosting an event at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the contribution that Irish people have made to British culture.
She later hosted the Irish President, Michael D Higgins, at Windsor Castle during his visit to England.