Hilarious video as fake politician winds up voters

Brave joker Buachaill risked the wrath of several Irish residents, as he went door-to-door around Dublin to ‘promote’ the water tax.

Dublin water charges prankster. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
The prankster was secretly filming the reactions of the Irish public, as he posed as a Fine Gael politician, and boasted how he was on the committee that introduced the rise in water tax, is a good friend with Enda Kenny, earns 80 grand a year and had just been on an all-expenses paid trip to Lanzarote.
Buachaill does well to keep a straight face as he riles up the locals. One lady warns him not to knock on her door telling her he is favour of the water tax, or she will “scald him with the water that she has left in the tap”.
However, undeterred, he pushes his luck further by informing her that as she has a chimney on her house, she will have to pay an extra 5% in ‘chimney tax’.
To which the lady responds: “Get out that gate before I f****n stab you!”
When one man tells him he has no intention of paying the increased tax, Buachaill says he is taking down his address, and in a sneaky reference to Enda Kenny’s recent clanger, he questions whether the man is even from Dublin. Last week Kenny questioned a woman in Galway if she was even from the city, as she spoke with an English accent.
Another man menacingly marches out of his house to physically remove Buachaill, having already shut the door on him twice and threatened to call the police, forcing the prankster to run off.
All of Buachaill’s victims were relieved and amused when they were later informed that it was in fact a joke, and that they had been secretly filmed. The video has been posted on YouTube with the closing shot saying: Share this video to SAY NO TO WATER CHARGES.
Watch the video below.