Cillian Murphy speaks about the importance of empathy for the younger generation

Cillian Murphy

Irish star Cillian Murphy has expressed sympathy for the younger generation and said it must be hard to grow up in this era of social media.

The Peaky Blinders actor was speaking at the launch of a new empathy education programme for secondary schools.

The programme is called ‘Activating Social Empathy’ and is being led by a team of researchers at NUI Galway.

Cillian Murphy

Murphy believes things move at an accelerated rate due to modern technology.

He said: “I’m a father of two teenagers, I once was young. I recognise how tricky it is for a young person today in society.

“It is a very complex time growing up, things are changing a lot at a very accelerated rate.

“We’re all aware of the effect of the internet online and life online.

“It feels to me like lots of kids, like their life exists inside of this device. The idea that empathy would form part of a curriculum is an excellent idea. Young people are caring and compassionate and willing to be.

“Studies have shown that kids who are taught empathy have their other academic learning helped in a positive way.”

The Tommy Shelby actor added that it is vital to look after the younger generation as they will be taking over the running of the country before long.

He said: “Young people in this country will soon be running the place, making the laws, teaching the next generation, writing the novels, making the TV shows that are beamed into our houses.

“It’s essential that we give them as broad and caring an education as we can.

“You can’t really be an actor without employing empathy as a very important tool in your arsenal.”

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling