Cillian Murphy reveals what he loves about living in Ireland after 14 years in the UK

Cillian Murphy is a fan of the Blaskets Islands

Irish actor Cillian Murphy has spoken about his family life and how he enjoys living in Ireland after years in London.

The Peaky Blinders star moved to Dublin with his wife and teenage children after 14 years living in the UK.

He said that one of the things he likes most about being back in Ireland is being able to take his kids to some of the places he enjoyed visiting when he was growing up.

Cillian Murphy is a fan of the Blaskets Islands

He said: “I love the kind of life that you can lead in Ireland. I like to be able to run with my dog. I like the different seasons and I like to be able to take my children whenever I can to the Blasket Islands.

“It’s such a beautiful place. I have been going back there since I was little when my parents took me and now I take my children there.

“There are no stores, there’s no electricity, there’s nothing except nature. No one’s lived there since the 50s. Only seals on the beach. It makes you feel pure, it cleans your soul and gets rid of the cobwebs in your brain. It’s my favourite place.”

The Blasket Islands are a group of six islands off the coast of Co Kerry. They used to be home to an exclusively Irish-speaking population but have been uninhabited since 1953.

Murphy also spoke about how he had had planned to buck the family trend of teaching and go into acting from a very early age.

He said: ““I come from a long line of educators – my father, my grandfather, my uncles — but I didn’t want to be a teacher. What my father gave me is a great respect for this profession because it is so important.

“We have all had the experience of having a good teacher who has changed our lives and inspired us.”