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They should have asked my husband…a wife’s hilarious insight

We all know them don’t we…the people who know everything and pontificate on every subject from how to fix dripping tap to how to solve the latest political crisis.

And it doesn’t matter what our little opinion might be. They’re going to overwhelm it with their infinite wisdom and booming voice, hardly pausing to draw breath as they put the world to rights on all subjects from teenage vandalism, immigration, the latest iphone, the best holiday destinations, useless politicians, the unemployed, the most delicious recipes, house prices, religion and every other subject you can think of.

It doesn’t matter what the conversation turns to because they’re an expert on everything…everything that is apart from listening to what other people have to say.

Know it all

Well, poet Pam Ayres knows all about such people because she’s married to one.

It seems her husband is one of the world’s great know it alls and Pam has some great fun as she points out her astonishment at how he could be so certain about everything…so knowledgeable, so definite…and so wrong.

She has the audience in stitches as she describes him and his opinions in great detail, and the laughter we hear is the laughter of recognition from people who know someone just like the wonderful Mr Ayres.

If you know someone like that then sit back and watch video. It will be like therapy for you.

Pam Ayres has been performing her comic poems in the UK, Ireland and across the world for more than 40 years. She got her first big break when she won the talent show, Opportunity Knocks.

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