Irishman in Toronto builds brilliant Irish pub in his garage – take a look inside

Toronto man's garage is an Irish pub

Sometimes it can be incredible what you can achieve with a bit of imagination and lots of hard work.

An Irishman living in Canada brought his dream to life when he converted his garage into his own Irish pub.

Its certainly one way of reminding yourself of home.

Kieron Daly lives in Toronto after leaving Ireland twenty years ago. He lives in a two-bedroom cottage in Southampton beach.

For the last two years he has spent his time working on his Irish pub – called The Celt – and the hard work has paid off – it looks fantastic.

The fixtures include a beautiful wooden bar that he purchased for just $125 from a pub in the city. He also added some old English taps and decorated the room with a wide range of Guinness posters and merchandise.

One of the most inventive aspects of the design is an image of several barrels of liquor which is printed on the garage door. It appears as if you are looking ahead to a huge cellar and the effect works brilliantly.

The pub also features tiles printed with Celtic imagery and a cobblestone ceiling.

Kieron works as a production manager for a sign company and has certainly put his expertise to good use.

He managed to finish it just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 – so he was one of the few people that was still able to go to the pub whenever he felt like doing so.

Kieron told BlogTO: “When people find out what you’re doing, they start to give you things.

“My cottage is just a small two-bedroom cottage, but the whole idea of having the pub there is just amazing, it’s a getaway.

“I feel like I’ve gone back and visited the family. I usually pull my laptop out and get them out on Zoom, and they know I’m behind the bar having a few beers. It’s kind of cool.”

The next step of the plan is to add an outdoor area in his patio.

While he lives in a great location, near the beautiful beach, the vast Lake Huron and a couple of hours away from the bustling city of Toronto, it clearly doesn’t hurt to add some Irish home comforts to enjoy.

Take a look at the pictures and take a video tour below.

Toronto man's garage is an Irish pub


Toronto Irish pub bar


Toronto Irish pub barrels


Toronto Irish pub Kieron Daly


Toronto Irish pub the celt


Toronto Irish pub ceiling



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