Most haunted house in Ireland the perfect setting for Netflix horror movie

Most haunted house in Ireland the perfect setting for Netflix horror movie

The most haunted house in Ireland was the ideal setting for the Netflix horror movie The Lodgers.

The producers of the terrifying film did their homework and chose Loftus Hall as the perfect spooky site to shoot their film.

Loftus Hall has had a reputation for all sorts of spooky occurrences going back many years.

The castle was built in 1350 at the time of the Black Death, and it has its own ghost story.

Legend has it, that the owners of the house were disturbed on a dark and stormy night by a man on horseback. He claimed his ship had ran aground in the storm and he was stranded.

The Tottenham family, who resided at Loftus Hall at the time, took pity on the man and allowed him to stay and take shelter from the storm.

Lady Anne Tottenham took a shine to the mysterious gentlemen and a relationship began.

However, during a game of cards one evening, Lady Anne dropped her cards and when she reached under the table to retrieve them, she saw the man had not the feet of a human, but the cloven hooves of Beelzebub himself.

As soon as his identity was uncovered, the man disappeared into the ceiling of the home in a burst of flames.

Anne never recovered from the ordeal and lived out the rest of her days in a state of fear and shock, and never left the safe confines of her tapestry room.

Rumour has it, that Lady Anne still walks the corridors of Loftus Hall to this day.

A tourist even claimed to have photo evidence of a ghostly womanly figure staring out from one of the windows of the home.

So given its spooky history, Loftus Hall appears to be a great choice to set a scary movie.

The plot of The Lodgers shares some similarities to the legend of Loftus Hall but of course the writers and directors have created their own story.

Scary stuff.

Take a look at the trailer for The Lodgers below.

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