Take a video tour of an Irish mansion owned by the Guinness family

Take a video tour of this mansion owned by the Guinness family

A mansion in Furness near Naas, Co Kildare that is owned by the descendent of the world famous Arthur Guinness was put on the market in 2015 for a knock down price of €2.5m.

Patrick Guinness and his wife Louise lived in the property for over 20 years wanted to downsize once their children were all grown up.

When the Guinnesses first bought the property in 1993 it had fallen into disrepair but they worked hard to refurbish the building and were rewarded with a stunning home.

Take a video tour of this mansion owned by the Guinness family

Patrick Guinness said: “We had wet seeping in from above, but luckily it was a very dry summer. We had scaffolding on three sides of the house and we changed the roof within a few weeks.

“The timbers were fine, funnily enough, though they dated from the 1730s. We treated them and put on new slates and felt.”

There were plenty more renovations to the home over the next 20 years.

The property was built in the 1730s in the Palladian style for Richard Nevill MP. Patrick said : “The Nevills were MPs for Wexford, one after another, and two of the four were expelled from the Irish House of Commons for corruption.”

The Nevills embellished the property by adding two additional wings and a large dining room with bay windows.

Inside the house is a grand hallway, three reception rooms, a Spanish chestnut staircase, a drawing room, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large family room that used to be the servants’ quarters.

The grounds outside the mansion are 34 acres and contain parkland, paddock and woodland with historic features such as a fifth-century church and a rare calendar stone dating back to 3,500BC.

And it is now available at a reduced price of €2.5m after the owners knocked nearly 20% off the original asking price of €3m.

Take a video tour of the mansion and the surrounding land below.

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