Irish citizenship is ranked as the second best in the world

Ireland is the second-best country in the world to hold citizenship, according to an international study ranking the rights and benefits of different nation’s citizens.

Italian Dual Citizenships conducted the study which measured the rights of citizens from different countries over a vast range of issues.

Irish citizenship is ranked as the second best in the world

Iceland was the only country that scored higher than Ireland.

Factors that were considered included human rights, freedom of movement, healthcare standards, political democracy, women’s rights, and maternal and paternal leave.

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Attaining Irish citizenship through naturalisation

Each country was given a rating out of five for each category, and the scores were totalled up to give an overall ranking of that country’s citizenship.

Ireland scored five out of five on all but three of the 12 categories.

We scored four out of five for ‘Property Rights’ and Maternity Leave’ and a dismal one out of five for ‘Paternal Leave’.

It all added up to Irish citizenship being ranked the second-best in the world, just one point behind Iceland.

Finland, Sweden and the UK made up the top five, and New Zealand, in tenth place was the highest ranked country outside of Europe.

USA finished a lowly 35th in the study, not helped by its one out five scores for both maternity and paternity rights.

Take a look at the scores below, and if you want to read the study in full then visit

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