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Survey reveals Ireland’s ‘best’ accent

A recent survey has rated the various accents in Ireland and put them in order of the most popular.

The survey, which was taken by theslicedpan.com throughout last week, will make pleasant reading for Ireland’s northern most county.

However, readers from the Leinster counties might want to stop reading at this point… you’re not going to like it!

What is the best accent in  Ireland? A recent survey asked over 200,000 people to name their favourite (and least favourite!) photo copyright Population_density_of_Ireland_map2002.svg cc3

The Sliced Pan included two Dublin accents in their poll which left a total of 33 to choose from around the country.

Users then used the thumbs up or thumbs down system, meaning they not only voted for their favourite accents but also what was their least favourite.

A massive 215,000 votes were cast in the survey, and a clear winner emerged. Donegal not only won by a landslide, but was also the only accent to receive more thumbs up than thumbs down!

Mark Farrelly of TheSlicedPan.com said: “We had thought the Donegal accent would prove popular but the manner in which it won was staggering.

“The result was never in doubt and we’re heading to Letterkenny as we speak for some much-needed elocution lessons.”

The top five accents, according to the survey were:

1 – Donegal
2 – Galway
3 – Cork
4 – Derry
5 – Roscommon

Leinster residents look away now. The bottom five were:

29 – Laois
30 – Longford
31 – North Dublin
32 – Offaly
33 – D4

There are many things that make Donegal a special place, including plenty of beauty spots.

Famous sons and daughters include music stars such as Enya, Daniel O’Donnell and Rory Gallagher, sportsmen such as Michael Murphy, Shay Given and Seamus Coleman and writer Frank McGuinness.

It is also the county that makes the ‘southern’ Republic actually further north than Northern Ireland.

Now having the best accent in Ireland can be added to that list.

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  1. I have relatives in Galway and Roscommon so I am used to their broques. I met a young guy from Donegal once and I was catching about every third word.

    It is interesting that even within a country the brogue can differ. The more rural an area is, the thicker the brogue. Less so in the cities and larger towns.

  2. Sorry, but the absolute worst Irish accent comes from Irish Americans who think they sound like people from the island. Ugh. I like my California accent, because I find it works wonders.

  3. Catherine sims

    Donegal is a nice soft accent in a part of the country with very harsh accents. Galway is my personal favourite though. I hate our own Limerick accent.

  4. Mayo, now there you have it!

  5. It’s the Madams Bank Road. You seem to be very familiar with the Geography. So pray tell , what accent do you have?

  6. Philomena Kilclinr

    I am from three Royal county Meath. The best county by far

  7. My own personal favourite is Galway and Fermanagh living in North Dublin not surprised the accent is horrific glad I avoided it rather a culchie mixed north Ireland accent then the dragged up sound of ND accent

  8. The confusing thing is that there are at least 8 distinctly different accents in Donegal. Manorcunningham being number 1 of course

  9. That doesn’t actually make it the official name. [Well not yet anyway].

  10. Dún na nGall abú!
    Congrats to my Donegal neighbours, and this from a Tír Eoghain man! 🙂

  11. Delighted my county, Donegal came out on top! I can’t disagree with that! 🙂

  12. What a load of keek… With the amount of whining from those in Derry thank God for the Foyle bridge and Madams Band Road so that you can by-pass them and you would need a translator for that Cork accent.

  13. I agree with the result obviously but I am happy with Derry being in the top 5 as my daughters stem cell consultant is a Derry man !

  14. was there in 1999 it was great i love it my grandparents was borm in calvin

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