Sinéad O’Connor says modern musicians no longer write songs that ‘give you chills’

Sinéad O’Connor

Irish star Sinéad O’Connor has spoken about her desire to go back to a classic rock sound for her upcoming album.

She has drawn inspiration from American legend Bruce Springsteen and his classic 1982 demo album Nebraska.

O’Connor says that she wants her new songs to reach a younger audience, who she believes are not being treated to the same quality of music as she used to listen to as a youngster.

Sinéad O’Connor

She believes that too many artists are gaining popularity through the way they look and act, with an ever-increasing emphasis on objectifying performers, rather than focusing on their musical talent or the quality of their writing.

She told the Irish Sun: “The whole album is going to have a very Nebraska feel.

“Very intimate and personal. It’s a record that I want to speak to young people. I suppose it’s a reaction to what I’m hearing on the radio.

“I feel that the music is s*** now compared to what it was when I was growing up.

“I think a whole generation of songwriters have been groomed and over-sexualised and they write about nothing other than sex, drugs or money.

“Nobody is really writing much about things that would give you chills.”

O’Connor recently spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and told Irish people to take heart from the knowledge that the country has always been able to rebuild following times of extreme hardship.

She said: “if there was something I would say to everyone in Ireland it’s that, whatever happens, I know the Irish people are capable of rebuilding Ireland because we have done it several times in our history, the Famine, 1916, it’s in our blood.

“We are also blessed now to have people from other countries to help, people who are rebuilding their lives by coming here. That’s a blessing”.