Irish residents pass time on lockdown with giant game of bingo

Irish estate play 'flats bingo' during coronavirus pandemic

The residents of an Irish estate have found one way to keep boredom at bay and spirits high while in lockdown – a giant game of flats bingo!

The locals sat on the balconies of their flats while a bingo caller announced the numbers to the estate through a loudspeaker.

A video of the playful pastime was posted onto Twitter and has been praised by viewers from all around the world.

Irish estate play 'flats bingo' during coronavirus pandemic

One person commented: “Might get this going in my estate”.

Another speculated as to what the winning prizes could be, posting: “Top prize 2 Dozen double velvet toilet rolls.”

The Irish public have been ordered to remain indoors wherever possible as the government attempts to control the spread of the coronavirus.

It is a similar story in several countries around the world as the global battle against the deadly virus continues.

There have been numerous positive videos and messages of hope and reason posted onto social media in recent weeks, as the internet becomes the main method of communication for people confined to their homes.

Boyband legends Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow performed a virtual duet online to keep spirits high amongst their fans.

Dublin Zoo has also livestreamed some of their animal attractions so people can enjoy observing them while at home.

With all but essential public services currently closed, the struggles facing the public come in all different ways.

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Numerous Irish personalities have been keen to send their own well wishes to the public and encourage people to remain strong and positive through this difficult time.

Sinéad O’Connor tells Irish people it’s ‘in our blood’ to survive and rebuild.

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