Dublin Zoo broadcasts live streams of animals whilst country’s in lockdown

Elephant and penguin at Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is the latest of several animal attractions around the world that have began livestreaming their wildlife online for the public to observe.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused most public spaces to close their doors as the public are encouraged to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus.

This has caused all sorts of problems but many businesses and organisations have done what they can to help keep public spirits high.

Elephant and penguin at Dublin Zoo

Online broadcasts have become a great way for companies to remain in contact with the public.

Dublin Zoo has been forced to close but it has created a series of livestreams of some of its most popular wildlife.

Viewers can sit at home and log on to their computers to see the calming behaviour of its resident elephants and penguins.

The Zoo has also set up a live webcam of its African Savanna enclosure, where wild beasts such as giraffes, rhinos, ostrich and zebras can be observed.

You can take a look at the livestreams by visiting dublinzoo.ie

The online broadcasts from Dublin Zoo are one of many innovative ideas that businesses and individuals have come up with to try and maintain contact with the public during this difficult time.

Online children’s classes, exercise groups, cooking channels and sports discussions are just a few of the new facilities that have become available in recent weeks.

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