Leading Irish dance choreographer keeps raising the bar

ProdiJig The Revolution

Irish dance shows have been hugely popular for the past 20 years since Michael Flatley and co stunned the world with their Riverdance performance.
With hundreds of Irish dance performers and choreographers fighting to get to the top, the challenge is to make your show unique and stand out from the crowd. One man who is certainly achieving this is Cork based choreographer Alan Kenefick.ProdiJig The Revolution
Kenefick was part of the team behind the best Irish dance video of 2015, Freedom, and has proved he is capable of consistently raising the bar when it comes to exciting new ways to showcase Irish dancing.
His latest video features a bar scene with Irish musicians Moxie providing the soundtrack. The video begins with a pleasant scene in a pub with everyone enjoying a few drinks and a bit of a jig to the excellent music from Moxie.
The mood is lifted as the music quickens and suddenly Kenefick takes the spotlight with a brilliant showcase of his skills.
He is joined by a team of backing dancers and they perform their great routine with precision timing and rhythm. The energetic performance is great viewing and the dancing and music really add a modern twist to traditional Irish dance.
The video is to promote ProdiJig’s new show The Revolution which is being performed at Cork Opera House this summer.
Take a look for yourself.