Great performances from Irish school children as they celebrate Proclamation Day

Irish school children celebrate Proclamation-Day

Thousands of children across Ireland took part in Proclamation Day yesterday as part of the Easter Rising centenary commemorations.
Schools had special ceremonies to celebrate the proclamation and the rebels of 1916, as well as mark the significance the event to Irish history.
Several videos of the day have hit the Irish media as the schoolchildren showed their patriotism and respect to the heroes of 1916.
Irish school children celebrate Proclamation-Day
Many really put in the effort as they dressed in 1910s style costumes, sang songs and read out the proclamation.
The children updated the proclamation for 2016 to include rules about bullying, fair taxation, environmental issues and an end to enforced emigration.
The youngsters at Bunscoil McAuley Rice School would like to ban the phrase ‘you can’t play in my game’.
They also think that Irish families should ‘talk to each other, eat and pray together, in real time instead of on social media’.
The Lisheenkyle National School in Galway students said: “We declare our intention to make sure every child is happy, educated, independent and encouraged by all staff members.”
In Dublin, the St Dominic’s National School students hope to achieve gender equality. They said: “We believe men and women should be treated equally. We want women and men to be paid the same.
“Boys and girls, men and women should be able to do and play whatever they want. People shouldn’t be judged by their gender.” The pupils also called for a greener country adding: “We believe the people of Ireland should cut down on driving and walk or cycle more. People should stop wasting electricity and help the environment.”
Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys said: “While the commemorations are primarily about reflecting on our past, the Proclamation for a New Generation initiative has given schoolchildren the chance to outline their vision for Ireland in the future.”
Take a look at the video below.

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