Prince Harry invited to Irish Red Head Convention

Prince Harry. Photo Copyright - Glyn Lowe CC2

Prince Harry has been invited to attend the Irish Red Head Convention in Cork this weekend. The British royal, fourth in line to the throne, is one of the world’s most famous gingers. He was recently voted the sexiest red headed man in the world by the British Heart Foundation.
Now, the organisers of the fun-filled Irish festival hope that the prince can bring a bit of star quality to their event.Prince Harry. Photo Copyright - Glyn Lowe CC2
Joleen Cronin started the Red Had Convention in 2010 with her brother Denis. It was originally just supposed to be a bit of fun but the response was so positive that they have turned it into an annual event.
Activities at the festival include a carrot throwing competition and a red headed royalty pageant, where two contestants are crowned the ginger King and Queen.
Prince Harry will be entitled to enter the competition if he is able to attend, although will be given no special treatment because of his actual royal roots.
Joleen told the Irish Examiner that she has written a letter to the British royal Clarence House and is awaiting a response. The letter informs Harry that: “We can assure you that there will never be a dull moment. As a fellow redhead you will be welcomed by the opportunity to partake in the annual carrot throwing championship, dabble in some ginger speed-dating and enjoy our night time antics throughout the village.”
The festival is expected to attract around 500 red heads from across Ireland and even further. As well as the light-hearted competitions and activities, there is an underlying purpose to the convention, with money being raised for the Irish Cancer Society. The Red Head Convention has raised more than €15,000 for the charity so far.