Maureen O’Hara speaks about her life and loves

Irish acting legend Maureen O’Hara has revealed that the historical figure she most identifies with is St Patrick.

However, she said that if she could choose what to come back as in a new life it would be: “Myself. I’ve had such a great life that I’d come back and do it all over again but bigger and better the second time around.”


She would have to come back as a living thing because: “I love feeling alive and being in motion, so never a thing. I can’t imagine myself as a lamppost or even a beautiful monument or anything like that.”

The Quiet Man and Miracle on 34th Street star was giving an interview to American popular culture magazine Vanity Fair ahead of her 94th birthday.

She also said that her ideal occupation would have been an opera singer and that her biggest regret was: “That I didn’t sing more. Beautiful songs—not little ditties.”

Her favourite place in the world is Ireland, although she spent the happiest years of her life: “Living in the Caribbean during the 60s and 70s with such lovely people.”

She said that her most marked characteristic was: “The hell and fire in me—they came as a set. Oh, and my red hair.”

She added that her greatest achievement was: “To be the first person recognized as an Irishwoman all over the world.”


O’Hara remains religious and says that her greatest fear is not getting into heaven. She also said that her most treasured possession was her rosary.

She says that her least favourite character trait in people is rudeness and the thing she likes least about herself was: “My growing belly.”

Her family are very important to her. She says the person she admires most is: “My grandson, for taking such wonderful care of me in my old age.”

She added that the greatest love of her life was her third husband. She said: “Charlie Blair was the greatest love of my life, but not someone God was going to give me as a gift.” The couple were married for ten years until Blair’s death in 1978.