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Participants in Easter Rising 1916

It’s been the subject of debate for nearly a 100 years but now we have a definitive list of names showing who really took part in the Easter Rising 1916.

We also have the official figure for how many rebels were in the GPO in that momentous period of Irish history.

_full-list-who-took-part-in-1916-Easter-Rising available Image Ireland Calling

The figures have been published by the Military Pensions Archive. They show that there were 508 rebels in the GPO and a total of 2,558 involved in the whole campaign.

The lists have been compiled on the basis of the number of people, or their family members, who applied for a military pension or allowance, or just an Easter Rising medal.

Archivists say the only person they know to be missing from the list is Cathal Brugha, who was second in command to Éamonn Ceannt at the South Dublin Union. Brugha later took the anti-treaty side and was killed during the Civil War.

The list will help identify relatives of those rebels

The list is being used to identify relatives of those rebels who want to take part in the various parades and meetings planned for the Easter Rising commemorations next year.

People who believe they have a relative who was involved but who is not on the list can appeal to the Department of Defence but must do so before September this year.

The Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney, told the Irish Times that the release of the full list of names was a “very significant milestone in our understanding and historical appreciation of the identity of the men and women, from many different backgrounds, who lit the spark at Easter 1916 which a short time later led to the formation of a resurgent revolutionary movement that ultimately led to the War of Independence”.

You can check the full list of names in the Military Pensions Archive here.

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  1. I am looking for info on a Cornelius Crowley if he or his father Cornelius were involved living in 5 Knockyeala (Derren,Kerry) in the uprising in Cork son 45 father 75 in 1916 does anyone point me in the right way thank you

  2. My grand aunt is not on the that list either, although she is on the Four Courts roll of Honour. Her name was Mary ‘Mamie’ Kilmartin. She later married another 1916 volunteer P.J Stephenson, who served in the Mendicity Institute. Also her brother Patrick Kilmartin fought at the NCR/GPO Garrison.

  3. This isn’t a full list of people known to have taken part in the Rising, and it was highly irresponsible of whatever PR flunkie wrote the press release to have claimed otherwise. Many veterans didn’t claim from the Free State, and for a wide variety of reasons.

  4. Looking for info on Joseph Patrick ‘Gallagher’, used mothers maiden name to join IRB as he was only 15 years- real name O’Keefe. From Cork.
    Shot in the leg on graften street, later went to France to fight with the French Royal Rifle and later US Army.
    Thank you.

  5. I think the “Mitchell” listed is a relative. Des anyone have any further etails?

  6. kathleen o callaghan-evans

    I amsearching for my Grandad. Joseph {Patrick Callaghan He died 6-5-1920 He was
    imprisoned twice, according to papers in Military Archives office.I beleive he was in the Longford Brigade
    He was imprisoned i Arbour Hill Prison. They are not able to help. No papers there.I have tried the Longford
    library also. am sure he would be entirled to a Medal Please can you help?
    Thank you

  7. Where is this list? I can’t find it anywhere!

  8. My grandma’s last name was Cairns can’t seem to find any info on her.

  9. Galvin
    From ballygar Galway

  10. angela bidewell

    Hi how do i find out if any Caffreys or Moore from Rosscommon are on the list

  11. Is my grand uncles name on the list I believe he left Emerald Sq on Easter Monday his name was Danial Horan from Dolphins Barn Anne Boyle

  12. Stephanie Dargon Luce

    My grandmother stated that her brother, my great-uncle, John Driscoll, aka Johnny Ellen, was shot in the neck during the troubles. John Driscoll (born 1884 – ?) was the son of Ellen Mahoney and Patrick Driscoll and was born in Clonakilty. I do not find Uncle John on the participant list. Please advise.

  13. I would love to no if any of my relations where related in this. Family name coyne. Thankyou.

  14. Joseph Jennings

    I would like to k ow if anyo e had information on my Grandfather Michael Jennings from Rosscommon.

  15. Please let me know where to go for the list. My grandfathers name was Thomas Young Cuddly..are there any Buddy’s on the list?

  16. What is the link for the list of people involved in the Easter Uprising?

  17. Rory Connaughton

    Patrick Connaughton is my grandfather. My father and many of Patrick’s grandchildren and great grandchildren were present in Dublin for Easter weekend. I have seen my grandfather’s files from the Defence Force’s military archives. I know he was in 1st Battalion, B company and later C company. How would I be able to verify his direct connection to Michael Collins?

  18. I am trying to find information on my Granda, Joseph (Joe) Cairns from Glasgow, who I’ve been told left Glasgow to take part in the Rising. Is there anywhere or anyway I can verify this.
    Thanks in advance,
    John Docherty, Glasgow, Scotland.

  19. Malachy O'Doherty

    Would like to know who in my family thought I the war and what they did if possible pls

  20. Mairead Ni Chonghaile

    Your story was very interesting Noel. Kitty’s family, the Kiernans certainly did own The Greville Arms, which is still in operation today (in fact I was there yesterday!). The fact that your parents worked for her parents is very interesting: the family owned a number of businesses in the town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but sadly both parents passed away in 1908 and some of her sisters died when they were very young. But the children rallied to keep the business going and made them a success.
    Kitty was indeed Collin’s fiancée, he was killed a few months before their wedding. They hadn’t actually met in 1916, but rather in 1917. However there is a Kiernan connection with the Rising as Kitty’s brother had driven two volunteers to Dublin to join the Rising, but couldn’t get through. A local blacksmith, Éamonn Creamer, has beautifully restored the Ford Model T and RTÉ has featured it in one of their stories on the Rising.
    There is a Longford connection and Collins though, as Patrick Connaughton from Longford served directly under Collins in the GPO. We are working on biographies of the known Longford participants in the Rising which will be on the above website once completed.
    The Burning of Granard relates to a later period during the War of Independence, and was in retaliation for after the death of D.I. Kelleher in 1920.
    I hope this information is beneficial to you.
    (As Frank said, Oliver Plunkett is a saint, possibly you’re thinking of Joseph Mary Plunkett?)

  21. Iam trying to find out what happened to my great uncle . Thomas McInerney I found him listed but the family has no idea what happened to him NewYork may be .New South Wales Australia?

  22. Did returning soldiers on leave from Irish regiments join in the fighting on the side of the rebels

  23. Susan Butterfield

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am trying to find some information about my grandfather Patrick Mc Loughlin, he passed away when I was 8 yrs old in the early seventies. When growing up we would hear snippets of conversations and stories that grandad had been a messenger boy for De Valera at Bolands Mills, and that he had been shot in the leg while carrying a message. I would dearly love to find out some information and to know more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Susan Butterfield.

  24. Susan Butterfield

    I am trying to find some information about my grandfather Patrick Mc Loughlin, he passed away when I was 8 yrs old in the early seventies. When growing up we would hear snippets of conversations and stories that grandad had been a messenger boy for De Valera at Bolands Mills, and that he had been shot in the leg while carrying a message. I would dearly love to find out some information and to know more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Susan Butterfield.

  25. Kathleen Patrick

    Do you see the name “Noone” in the list of people involved in the 1916 uprising?

  26. I am looking for information on my Grandad John Roan. He ended up in Glasgow as an illegal immigrant. I think he was involved in the wars of independence, but might have fell out with some of the leadership at that time. Ended up on the run from both sides I am led to believe. Any information is appreciated.

  27. His name was Arthur Agnew, my Grandfather and him and few mates decided to be anti-social on O’Connell Bridge on Easter Sunday before they bolted to Kilmainham

  28. My grandfather’s name is on a place in kilmanimham jail his sir name was o’suillivan we don’t know what he was in jail for and what part he played in the rise ing?

  29. Elizabeth O’Farrell isn’t on the list.

  30. Seosamh O’Dochartaigh of Tir Connell signed the treaty.

  31. I am just beginning to learn of my (COLLINS) ancestors from Ireland.I would like to trace my roots back as far as possible.

  32. My grandmother went into labor on Easter Sunday 1916 and
    while trying to get to the hospital English so called officers searched her in a shop front, bastards put their hands on her. My aunt just passed this year we so wanted her to make 100 but it was not to be.

  33. My Grandfather was James Nelson of 9 Middle Gardiner Street Dublin. He fought in the 1916 Uprising and was interned in Wales. MSP34 REF 1160. I would like to know more about him.

  34. Want to learn about my great uncle Danial Horan from the liberties in Dublin he was interned in Ballykinler up north hope you can find out somthing thanks Anne Boyle

  35. My grand-father was Bartholomew Downes born Tintern/saltmills around 1890 toPatrick Downes and Marianne Downes (nee Rowe), his brother was Pat Downes. Is it the same person. ?

  36. Michael Collins never married and oliver plunkett was a saint …lockout in dublin happened 1913

  37. Teresa o connor

    Many men and women who applied for the pension after the rising did not get a pension for one reason or another and like wise with men and women whos names were omitted from the sinn fein and ira records wheather records went missing or not who knows rose feehan from clara offaly snd annie berry and her sister bridget brennans were dedicated members of the movement transporting guns snd ammunition under their long skirts and much more dont leave them out or others like them .

  38. kitty kiernan lived in my small little town of granard co.longford the bullet holes are still visible to this present day the hotel is situated in the old market street in granard her parents owned the hotel. she later married the great michael collins my mum worked as a cleaner for kittys parents.both my parents told me as i was growing up as a young man the history of granard. there was i believe a book titled the burning of granard. but unfortunately i never managed to read or get a copy of said book. i left my home town of granard when i was seventeen years old & i regret i have never been back to visit my lovely home town of granard.the hotel is still situated to this present day it is known by the name of The Greville Arms Hotel. this is part of the history of the 1916 easter uprising. but my parents informed me before they both passed away rest their souls that the easter rising actually happened two years earlier in 1914. my parents had over their fireplace a photo of all the volunteers oliver plunkett & maany more this was a old black & white photo i omly wish i had asked for that photo of all the volunteers that were in it. or if their is a copy to be had i would love to hear from anyone that has a copy of it.

  39. This is not the full list and The 1916 Relatives Association will be discussing this with Irish Military Archives: My own relative who is well documented and took a significant role in the surrender is not included Nurse Elizabeth O’ Farrell. Another Relative of a committee member is also not included. Could relatives please contact archives and ourselves at: 1916relatives@gmail.com Thank you Donna Cooney PRO/ media Spokesperson The 1916 Relatives Association

  40. Excellent work.

  41. It’s not the full list – there are a number of people who for whatever reason never came before the pensions committee for consideration (death, emigration, refusal on principle).


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