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Irish nurse pauses to sing Amazing Grace with elderly patient

An Irish nurse has been praised by a councillor after she was secretly filmed singing Amazing Grace with his grandmother to cheer her up after an operation.

The nurse was caring for recently elected councillor for Derry City Jason Barr.

She didn’t know she was being filmed but paused from her busy schedule to take a moment and share a song with Nellie Barr.

Jason Barr shared the video online and described the moment as “absolutely incredible”.

He was full of praise and gratitude to the nurse for brightening his grandmother’s day while she was in hospital.

Mr Barr said: “When I first saw the video I cried to be honest. My granny and I would be very close, I would see her every two days and we have a special bond, so when I saw the footage I just broke down really. “That young girl (the nurse) is only 21 years of age and her to have such compassion and take a minute out of her day to do that for my granny is just unbelievable and incredible.

“Nurses get such a hard time and for her to do that I know would make me granny so happy.”

Nellie was in Altnagelvin Hospital for after suffering a leg injury. The video was recorded secretly without the knowledge of nurse or patient.

It has proven to be very popular online after being published by the Irish media, and many viewers have been full of praise for both Nellie and her nurse for raising the spirits in the hospital ward with a song.

Take a look at the video for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore

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