The search has begun for the ‘most eligible bachelor in Ireland’

The search has begun for the ‘most eligible bachelor in Ireland’

A new competition has been launched to find the most eligible bachelor in Ireland.

Organisers hope that in time the event will become the male equivalent of the Rose of Tralee competition.

The search has begun for the ‘most eligible bachelor in Ireland’

The ‘Westmeath Bachelor Competition’ will see 12 eligible bachelors judged on a series of factors and contestants are expected to be ‘polished, poised and ready to represent themselves on a national stage’.

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The final will consist of 12 eligible bachelors aged 18 or above, from Ireland but also contestants from abroad are welcome.

It will take place on St Patrick’s Day weekend in Mullingar where there will numerous activities and events for the whole family to enjoy.

The final 12 bachelors will be ranked by a panel of celebrity judges including X Factor star and Irish music legend Louis Walsh.

The winner will get not only the prestigious title of Westmeath Bachelor 2020, but also €2,000 worth of shopping in Mullingar, a €1,000 holiday and €500 to donate to the charity of his choice.

He will also be expected to carry out duties as the title holder such as appearing at various events throughout the year.

Similarly to the Rose of Tralee festival, each contestant will be accompanied by a chaperone of the opposite sex, so the organisers are also looking for 12 ladies to take on these roles.

The best-dressed amongst the chaperones will also receive €500 of shopping in Mullingar.

If you would like to put yourself, or someone you know, forward for the competition then visit

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