Andrea Corr reveals why she avoided feelings of grief from her mother’s death for 18 years

Andrea Corr

Irish star Andrea Corr has spoken openly about the grief she felt after her mother Jean passed away.

Jean died in 1999 after being diagnosed with a hereditary illness.

However, Andrea didn’t process the pain of her loss for 18 years and avoided her feelings of grief by looking after her father, Gerry.

Andrea Corr

When Gerry died, Andrea was forced to not only grieve for him, but also address the grief of losing her mother.

The Corrs legend was appearing on DJ Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show. They discussed her newly published memoirs, which were inspired by Gerry’s death.

Andrea said: “When dad died, I was revisited by the grief that I had kind of avoided for mum 18 years previously.

“When she died, I was more concerned about looking after daddy and I think this is the normal way of it – because that person was alone in the house they built, he was devastated and he was lost.

“He’d come on the road with us, and you think this is the right thing so he’s not alone… But narrowly, I feel it was worse because it highlights her absence.

“He was amazing and amazingly strong.”

Andrea is able to take comfort in the fact that Jean lived to see her and siblings Sharon, Caroline and Jim achieve huge success with their band.

She said: “She did get the pinnacle. She was at Lansdowne Road which was 45,000 people coming in, she saw.

“But also any little thing was a huge success to her, she was never complacent.”

Andrea Corr also recently gave in interview which saw her discuss moving back to Ireland so her children can grow up in Ireland and explained why she believes being Irish is a blessing.

Take a look at the video below.

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